Canadian Pacific Police Association

President's Message

The Canadian Pacific Police Association was founded in 1971 to be a voice for the Constables and Sergeants of the Canadian Pacific Railway Police Service, then known as C.P. Rail’s “Department of Investigation”. Working conditions for our members could graciously be described as “less than ideal” in those times. This motivated our predecessors to band together and support each other as “brothers” (and now also sisters) so that all members would be treated fairly. Then, as now, the service, as a non-revenue generating department, faced scrutiny and potential “cost saving” measures that would result in reduced staffing levels or outright job losses. There have been a lot of improvements since then, much of it because the “Association” has continually pushed for better working conditions and a clearer mandate. As well, many improvements have taken place as a direct result of advances made in Canadian policing in general.

We have fallen behind in some ways and moved ahead in others. The fact is, through the commitment of our members and their elected representatives, we can present a common front in the continuing quest to maintain a safe workplace and a good quality of life. We can ensure all our members are treated in a fair and equal manner. Welcome to the C.P.P.A., with everyone's commitment, we will strive to provide the best working environment for every member of this railway’s front line police officers.

Stephen Ross
Canadian Pacific Police Association